Tuesday, September 2, 2008


So the stress of this afternoon has lifted a bit and I'm able to think clearly. So it looks like I (might) be taking an interior design class and I'm completely excited. Maybe I'll learn to transfer my messy hole in the wall of a room into a spacious island oasis.

Tonight in my cartooning class my professor told me I have to be willing to suck. I'm so focused on beating everyone that I'm having a hard time just relaxing. When did I get so unattractively competitive? It's not a becoming look.

My uncle dug up some old photos of our family and sent them to us. This is my grandma at 21 years old in Central Park. When she came from the Canary Islands she lived in New York for a few years before coming to California to marry my grandpa. Isn't she pretty? I love this picture.

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