Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I look cooler than I am by no fault of my own.

Okay, this is post is going to be fraught with my face, prepare yourselves.

Today, I was the before and after "model" in a very loose form of the word for Cori Mensing of Moxie Hair Salon. She does hair and makeup and is so. great. And, since I'm a freelancer for Caryn who did the photos, I got an advance copy. Huahahaha! It helps to have friends in high places. Man, I'm tired. It's so exhausting to have a camera taking pictures of you all day while you sip cocktails and nibble on hors d'oeuvres.*

*none of this is true.

Here are the in progress and the afters from today. The befores are absolutely hideous or, according to my mom, "so wholesome!" Hhh.

This is the pose I'm going to use for the back cover of my autobiography and/or bestselling novel that I never intend to write.

Doesn't my hair look great?!

I can't find Moxie's site just yet (it might still be in progress. They're so new and hip.) I'll post an update later when I find it.

Eikon Photography

EDIT: Moxie's hair site is in progress but when it's up and running it'll be attached to Moxie also does home design. Such talent.


amy @ switz~art said...

fantastic pics! you're beauuuutiful! love that gray scarf/purple cardi combo!

Anonymous said...

your hair looks amazing (!!!), and I am so impressed with the derek zoolander face!

ps. miss you!