Saturday, April 25, 2009


I'm planning some sort of re-re-re?-design for the blog in the near future. I'm hoping it turns out well. I have a few options I'm weighing at the moment but can't think too much about it because of the scores of projects awaiting my attention. I'm just sitting here, waiting for my giant coffee to take effect so I can start them.

I'll spare you the to-do list because, let's face it, that's boring. I can't tell you the most exciting thing on the list because it's for a client and TOP SECRET. But when it becomes de-classified I will share all.

I'm considering making business cards because, well, I'm getting a lot of (well, some) business. Mostly word-of-mouth stuff but it's getting kind of exciting. I'm networking!

I think the coffee is working. Yes? Yes. Please stand aside, I am now ready to conquer. HooAH!


carissa anne said...

a lot of business doing what?

Ashely said...

artsy things! :D

LiNell said...

I love your onomotopeias.
or however you spell that.

are you moving down here or what???