Thursday, April 30, 2009

Procrastination Station

So, I was sort of planning on not posting today. I have a research paper due tomorrow at 9:30am. But what inevitably happens when you have a lot to do? A lot of things get discovered on YouTube. I basically cried when I saw this video. No reason. Feeling a little emotional. I especially love his comment, "activate sub woofer in 5 seconds." If only I had one, my friend, if only I had one.

LOVE STORY (Taylor Swift) meets VIVA LA VIDA (Coldplay) - Piano Cello - by Jon Schmidt

According to the video and his website the mp3 will be available for download in a couple of weeks. Can you guess who will download it immediately and listen ad nauseum as my mom surely takes away all musical devices in the house and sends them the way of the third floor balcony at which point I will download the sheet music and go to town on the neighbors? You can't tell but I'm raising my hand.

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