Tuesday, April 28, 2009

These are the voyages...

I don't think he's that disproportionate in real life. He's sort of looking up. So, independently of any suggestion from myself someone in class said, "Do you know who he looks like? That captain from that Star Trek show."


I changed him up a little bit and took this picture as I was running out the door this afternoon. If you cover the lower part of his face, he still sort of looks like Picard. Oh well. I'll just call it my silent homage to the wise old captain and the show that devoured my pre-teen popularity.

Today I sent an email to the chair of animation at one of the colleges I applied for to tell them I couldn't accept their acceptance. This translated to a crummy day, which led to excessive caffeine consumption, a sense of entitlement, junk food and an "IT Crowd" binge. I am now feeling better and realizing I have the greatest best friend (ever) who has an apparent case of swine flu. Nobody panic.


neighboUr said...


ps-this was an excellent post. i laughed at my desk at the "devoured my pre-teen popularity" because I feel that kinship having been in band :(

pps-"yer nerd's showin'"? how did i not notice that tag before? hahahaha!

Anonymous said...

u have an amazing talent!

nice book choices