Sunday, April 5, 2009

One Day At a Time

I have a clean room. When I say clean room, I don't mean my usual cleaning around the piles of mess, I mean: deep cleaned, vacuumed, rearranged, moody, artsy room. With newly discovered surround sound for my iHome upon which I will only play moody, artsy music. Guys, I even have a record player in here. I may never leave.

So, I have made a tentative decision about art school. I'm open to changes, obviously, but after thinking and praying about it I think I'm going to stick around for at least another semester, probably a year. In order to go to either one of the schools I applied for I would have to go into tens of thousands of dollars in debt per year (times 4 for Ringling) and that's just not a wise option (as much as I would like to just close my eyes and sign my life away, then worry about it later). Around the time I was coming to grips with this decision, I discovered that a community college in my area is going to offer a plethora of animation classes in the Fall. So while I'm not exactly headed down the course I was expecting, I am at least headed down a course.

So after another year(ish) here, saving money like an old spinster, working my art butt off in classes and improving my portfolio, I'm hoping to be able to get an even bigger scholarship to these schools next year in addition to some private scholarships.

All I can really do, though, is take this one day at a time. Actually, it's sort of exhillirating. I've reached the point where I have (more or less) relinquished control over planning out my life to every minute detail. I have no idea how my plans will change over the next months, days even. I'm living on the edge!

I'm considering making some celebratory cookies. Celebrating my clean room and my out of control life.


Katy's mom said...

Your life, out of control for you, totally in control for God! Blessings on you for making some hard decisions.

carissa said...

oh wow, ash. crazy times. it seems like you're at peace with it, though, which is good!

and on the bright side . . . now you can come to my wedding, right?!