Monday, November 17, 2008


Hhh. Lately I've been feeling a should I put this? Girly? No, definitely not girly. Feminine? No. Femaley? There we go, that's it. Is that more information than you wanted? Is that this "tmi" these whipper snappers talk about these days? I took some alone time and tried to buy my happiness with a movie and a coffee. What. What? Are you telling me I can't cry into Steve Carell's shoulder and drown my sorrows in a hazelnut latte? Don't judge me.

As long as we're bearing our souls here, I'm going to admit something: I can't draw. Well, not anymore anyway. I've been out of practice for so long that my skills are slowly swirling down the crapper. I found this picture from the end of last semester, when I was in my groove. I don't think I ever posted it. It's a bit unfinished but I'm afraid to touch it when I'm in this state of mind. I will rally again! (Note to self: cut back on Jane Austen.)

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