Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Addictions and Desires

Okay, FINE. It's an addiction. Someone has to take these scissors away from me. My hair may or may not have gotten shorter (twice) since my last post. No pictures because they were terrible.

This weekend was a blast. On Saturday we ended up walking from one end of San Francisco to the other. We smelled a plethora of grassy things (some not so grassy), tried to find a bathroom: failed, were harassed by no less than 3 people, desperately tried to find a bathroom: failed, saw an old man drink a can of something out of the trash, found a bathroom, and ate a grilled artichoke downtown that made the entire walk worth it.

As planned, we swapped girlie stories, watched romantic movies while leisurely sipping wine and giggled late into the night. Well it would have been late into the night but Neighbour's usual bedtime is the elderly hour of 9:00 so she wouldn't let me push it too far. Ruin all my fun...

Also, I took some pictures of Neighbour (and the demon cat of Fleet Street) with Caryn's Nikon care to see? Excellent.

I must get myself one of these camera gadgets.

Also again:

New favorite YouTubed things: jaaaaaaa
New favorite music: Johnny Flynn

1 comment:

Caldwells said...

man. i like all of those...but in the second to last one, it looks like my nose and my hair are in a race to some invisible finish line, and my nose is eeking out ahead with its hands over its head.

translation: OMG look how pointy it is.