Wednesday, August 6, 2008

hiccup. hhhh....hiccup.

It seems that after months of never having a hiccup, I have been stricken with a persistent and rather violent case of them. It's been on and off for about a week. I finally thought I got rid of them but it turns out they were just lying in wait. Waiting to spring on me at an inconvenient time. 

My aunt from Pennsylvania is visiting sunny California for a couple weeks. Today we met them at a park and had lunch. We ended up at a thrift store (which seems to happen often with my family). I found a huge collection of Star Trek memorabilia! They were all plates and mugs but I decided to buy a couple of the mugs. Scotty and Spock. I already have a Captain Kirk mug. They look like this. They will be joining me in my future life somewhere cold and rainy where they will be in constant use. I'm rather proud of my little find.  

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