Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A few things I'm thinking about

I really want a garden. It doesn't have to be big, just a little plot of land. A planter maybe? Tomatoes, zucchini, a hint of parsley, strawberries. Especially strawberries. 

When I was little, my family tells me I always wanted to "Chubbel dirt." This could explain why I was always dirty and my current need for some earthen activities now. 

News: Am considering joining the rowing team at new university. Am excited. Will scope out playing field first before making any decisions. Refuse to step into high-powered, girl drama.

After not knitting at all for about a month, in the last few days I have started at least 5 projects. It's a little overwhelming and yet I keep wanting more. I'm considering doing some designing. It's not like I have any talent or really any ideas in mind or the skills to put the ideas into action but I need some more money and am desperately inflating my sense of knitting ability to give myself more options and to give myself confidence. You'll never know until you try I guess.  

One last thing: If you have a cat read this

P.S. I am once again drinking a hazelnut latte. I have already almost spilled it on my new computer 3 times. The things I sacrifice for my fix.

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