Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"I will carry you, carry youuuu..."

Sorry I haven't blogged for a while, though I'm pretty sure this surprises no one. Sometimes it's hard to get it the right frame of mind when it's hot and gross. Not that it's been either one of those lately. Actually, the weather has been a perfect upper 80s. But my brain is in summer mode so it tells my hands not to type but instead to watch America's Got Talent while snacking on a bowl of grapes. 

Get this: I haven't had a decent cup of coffee in two weeks. TWO. I have some instant decaf I bummed off of my grandma the last time I visited (which she did not give willingly. She loves her Folgers) and I am trying to absorb as much as i can of the minuscule bit of caffeine in each cup in a desperate attempt just to STAY. ALIVE. 

Do I sound pitiful? I feel pitiful. I'm listening to Clay Aiken and enjoying it. That's how far this situation has deteriorated.

Classes have started and I'm in an intermediate drawing class (finally!). We are allowed to choose the skills we want to focus on this semester and I have chosen composition and concept and exploring how the two rely on each other. I'm excited. Now that I'm more comfortable with the actual drawing part of drawing, I'm able to pick up the slack in other areas. I'll keep y'all apprised.  


neighboUr said...

ok. i like your twitter updates.

but i just. cannot. do it.

Anonymous said...

You're on Twitter?!

i've just started updating my wordpress blog in an effort to "jump start my career." ( i can't believe i wrote that). Please check me out, whistle, holler, give me some lovin'.

I'm terrified of starting a Twitter account.