Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Stream of Caffeinated Consciousness

Parents amaze me. Right now I'm sitting in the coffee shop across from two very active boys with bright blue ice cream cones. "MOM ITS DRIPPING AGAIN!!" just as the ice cream scoop falls to the table. In one fell swoop, she plops the ice cream back on the cone while simultaneously napkining the table, cleaning up the mended, drippy cone with her tongue and wiping the kid's blue face. I believe the sugar rush has also just kicked in, they are running around the table with their Batman action figures and screaming.

Myself, I'm feeling the 3rd caffeinated beverage of the day kicking in right It is about this time that all motor functions shut down. My eyes stare into space and my ability to speak is completely compromised. The only things working are my typing fingers and my brain (x5). Coffee #3 usually requires a Stephen Hawking voice to communicate. Or in my case, "Alex" from OS X Leopard.

I don't usually reach this level of higher consciousness. It's just that I had a bunch of free coffees at the coffee shop that for some reason I felt the need to use today. All today.

Yesterday was my 23rd birthday. Every one of my 400 family members forgot.

In the last hour I have received 3 phone calls saying "I'm sorry I forgot! Happy Birthday!" Apparently word travels quickly.

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