Friday, June 19, 2009

HHHH. Again?

Well. The second most horrifying thing I can think of happened this afternoon. I was lying on my bed (laying? lying? I still don't know) reading fug when the phone rang. My mom was fake-sleeping in the living room so she wouldn't have to answer it so I jumped up to get it. As I was running out of my room I heard "slllliiiidddde SMACK!" After I answered the phone, and handed it to my mom (it was for her anyway) I went back into my room and discovered my laptop had slid off my bed and landed face-down on top of a stack of hard objects. (My watercolor palette, actually. I'm thinking it's taking sweet, secret revenge because I was less than thrilled about my watercolor class a while ago and may have mentally cursed at it).

Did you all just cringe? I actually heard you all cringe.

Yes. It's true. The screen is totally busted. The actual casing is fine but the plasma whatevers inside look like they got shot with a bullet. We made an emergency trip to an unnamed tech store with strange customer service reps who are so concerned with helping you they don't actually listen to what you're saying, and got an adapter for a PC monitor.

ANYWAY. All that said, I am in the process of backing up my computer and haven't actually started packing for my week-long trip that begins tomorrow morning. Sob.

This makes two (2) times I have seriously damaged/destroyed an Apple product, the first being my extra clean (laudry clean) iPod from a while ago. RIP, guys.

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