Monday, May 18, 2009

Wanderful Babbles

I may have pushed the limits of what even caffeine is capable of curing. I pulled an almost all nighter (5 am) and then got sick the next day. It's really nothing new. I always seem to get sick the day after school gets out. Despite the fact an elephant is sitting on my chest, I'm feeling pretty good. It has something to do with no school, knitting and comfort TV.

Speaking of TV. Let me preface this by telling you, I don't actually find SNL all that funny. I know I seem to post a lot of their videos lately but it's a fluke. That said, I aggravated an already very sore throat by laughing so hard at this video yesterday. It was worth it. Enjoy:

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neighboUr said...

I am sorry that I ever doubted you.