Tuesday, May 12, 2009


At the moment I have been binging on Britishy things. British movies, TV shows, folksy rocksy music. I've taken to sitting in the car, listening to classical music played by the London Philharmonic on Public Radio, imagining myself riding sidesaddle with Mr. Darcy across the moors. Granted my daydream would be much more vivid if I actually knew what a moor was. I'll Google it later.

I have so much schoolwork to do so instead I'm making a cake and watching obscene amounts of "Doogie Howser, M.D." It's my classic seize and lock syndrome. I seize from the shock of all the work and I lock up until, under threat of a bad grade, I have to finish my projects. Also, I just really like Doogie Howser. And this video (wait until the end):

Note: you may only appreciate this if 1) you love Neil Patrick Harris or 2) have actually seen Doogie Howser. It's hard to tell.


carissa anne said...

i looooooved doogie houser as a six-year-old watching things she shouldn't have been watching on tv. to me he was an unattainable older man. ha.

carissa anne said...

p.s. when i think moor i think emily dickinson. she must use that word a lot. i've never looked it up but i get the idea it's like a meadow . . . there's definitely tall grass involved, in my head. possibly knolls too.

Ashely said...

he WAS pretty dreamy.