Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Phone In

As neighbour so delicately put it, "Your blogging has been SUCKAGE lately. Just thought you should know." Ugh. She's right. I'm phoning in and posting some excellent videos. Well, I think they're excellent. You may think they're just meh. Some are funny, some are cute, some are musical, some are just awesome.

The whole video. One. Shot.

neighbour says this reminds her of Milo. I say Milo would have happily munched on the guy's face at the end of it.

This one makes me almost change my mind about not having kids. Ideally, someone else would have this kid and let me have full parental privileges at times I specify.

I don't remember if I've posted this commercial before. Now, this one makes me almost want a Honda. Who am I kidding? This carless artist would take a scooter if someone offered it.


carissa said...

i had to stop watching the cat one. it was too scary. i'm serious. i'm a little cat-phobic anyway.

sara bareilles, why the single camera? it was like watching an old private-eye movie.

Ashely said...

because one shot increases it's choreographed awesomeness.