Sunday, December 14, 2008

Procrastinations and Ruminations

Hello, All. It's been weeks and weeks and weeks since the last time I blogged! Well, okay, two weeks. But it felt longer. It's finals season here in Real Life and the stress has driven me to a near catatonic state. Well, the good news is, it's pretty much over tomorrow. The bad news is that I have about 3 weeks worth of work to shove into today.

"Why the hootin' hades are you blogging?!" you ask.
"Well," says I, "I've been needing to blog for awhile and if I just get it out of the way it might help my productivity."
You snort skeptically, I agree.

I've been yanked in a few different directions as far as non-school related things go too. The other night, the coffee shop of my past employment asked if I would be the unofficial photographer for their Christmas party. Of course with my heaps of experience I instantly jumped at the chance to get some exposure. [Lie]

So, on Friday night I put on my best "I'm a photographer and I'm serious about it" outfit and plunged. Here are some shots from the evening. They're pretty grainy because I was shooting with a high ISO. See how I said that like I knew what I was talking about? I googled it.

Caryn was there and snagged the camera for a few shots that of course turned out fabulous. I'm not posting them out of spite.

My mom is in that last blurry picture smoking a pretzel.


Anonymous said...

ashley! your pictures are lovely! i always assume blurriness is part of being "artistic." incidentally, my finals end tomorrow too! and it's snowing here! hurrah.


neighboUr said...

HAH glo is smoking a pretzel, hahahaha...

also: that kid is wearing a ducks jersey ;)