Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

So uh, here at the Young household, we like snowmen. They're cute and we're not ashamed of it. I would post pictures of all the snowmen we have but it's Christmas Eve and all I really want to do is knit and watch "White Christmas" which is, clearly the quintessential Christmas movie and you cannot tell me otherwise. I'm watching it right now. My favorite part is when Betty sings "Love, You Didn't Do Right By Me" into Bob's eyes and you can feel the tension dripping from stage curtains. Old fashioned angst. Better than chocolate.

Today, neighbour informed me Bing Crosby is on her top 5 list of men whose voices she would marry. I agree.

Back to the snowman thing. Do you see, blurred and obscure, in the second picture a distinctly unwooden pole in the center of our "Christmas tree?" Yes, that is because this year, we have a fake tree. Hhhh, I know. As far as I'm concerned we might as well spit on the Christmas season and those poor carolers out in the rain. Our house doesn't smell like freshly cut pine. It does, in fact, smell like that broccoli we burnt last week which is the exact opposite of Christmas, for it is the smell of Evil. Pure Evil.

Pardon me while I go boil some cinnamon sticks.

Merry Christmas, everyone. Tomorrow, amidst the activity and family, remember to keep Christ the center of your day.

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