Friday, October 31, 2008

All Hallows Eve

Well, it has begun. Actually it's more like coming to an end: our yearly ritual every Halloween night of sitting in the dark, the TV turned to an inaudible level waiting for the little kiddies to knock on our door so we can heartlessly ignore them. Sorry kids. We're partypoopers to match those big cat turd Tootsie rolls that nobody really wants in your nearly empty candy bags.

I suppose in fitting with the Halloween theme I should mention that I am reading the Twilight books again because I am a glutton for punishment. As if the first time around wasn't enough to ruin my life and render me completely useless to things like school and personal hygiene. I have to prepare for the movie of which we already have advance tickets!! I would prefer it if you didn't judge me.

1 comment:

carissa said...

you write about the most ordinary things and make them hilarious every time! i never bother to write about my daily life precisely because i can't do that.