Thursday, October 30, 2008

Rain, thou dost returnesth

So my mother has kindly informed me I'm too old to have a blog. I was so irate I had to blog about it. I don't think our generation will never be entirely too old for blogs or Facebook or the like. (Except MySpace. Unless you're in Jr. High, you're too old for MySpace.) These things were invented within the trendy, school-attending periods of our lives, we get a lifetime membership. If you were say, 50 when Facebook popped into existence, maybe you should rethink your social life. Granted, there should probably be a time when you aren't checking every five minutes to see if someone commented on your wall or threw a cow at you or if you have 5 comments waiting to be approved...but shouldn't that happen naturally? When your interests change or when your 5 kids, apallingly, demand more attention of you than that obscure friendly acquaintance from deepest darkest high school?

When I think about it, almost all of the 100+ blogs on my Bloglines are written and maintained by adults. Adults with families and jobs and lives and hobbies. I feel a little vindicated. Chew on them apples, blogless mom! (I still love you).

In other, more important news: the weather has turned and I'm almost done with my Autumn love affair cowl. It might even be done a'fore the night draws nigh. (Is that a legitimate statement? I don't think so.) Seriously guys. There's a lot of tree activity out there. It's been drizzling all day and it promises to be even better tomorrow!

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carissa said...

yes, i feel that facebook and blogging will be ours forever. plus it's quite possible that ages hence (maybe in 5 years . . . maybe less) none of the cool kids will be blogging anymore. it'll be for boring grownups.

maybe your mom is confusing blogging with livejournaling, etc. i had to explain to my mom just the other day why hardly anybody still livejournals/xangas/melodramatics and why using blogspot and wordpress somehow legitimizes the whole thing.