Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cut From the Same Cloth

Recently, neighbour posted on her blog why I'm her best friend. This is why she is mine:

An email I received after being incommunicado all day (more about why later)...

Dear Ashely,
I need you to ease me through the day. i have had no coffee OR chai and only two cups of passion (noncaffeinated) tea. for lunch i had fries and a burger at McDonald's :( :( :( because it is cheap and fast, and i just consumed 2 Reese's cups and a bag of m&ms. i am debating getting coffee or razzles or SOMETHING but only because I CANNOT BELIEVE IT IS ONLY 2:47.
Your friend,

Sob. She's just as crazy as me.

The reason I was moderately unreachable today was because I was on a photoshoot! Camera in hand! I'm fairly sure the first half of the shots were blurry and a third were under exposed but it was fun anyway. Between Caryn and I we took about 1,000 photos. We were very conspicuous in town with our massive cameras and little high school caddy who came along to learn about photography. I felt very official. I liked it. I might do it again.

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carissa said...

ooh! bring your camera to our wedding!