Monday, August 10, 2009

Endings and Beginnings

It's a terrible thing to be all inspired to blog, fired up and ready to go and then have nothing to blog about. My life is THAT. EVENTFUL. I'll see what I can muster.

I'm obsessed with a show called The Colony. Mainly because I would like to imagine if there was a global catastrophe I would kick everyone's butt with my cunning and resourcefulness. The reality would probably be me in a corner, clutching my stubbly drawing pencils and sobbing miserably.

I took that drawing class this summer so I would be forced to draw, and draw I did. A lot. To be honest, what I wanted to do was to skulk around in my pj's and watch Jane Austen while chomping on a crunchy carrot but instead I was elbow deep in graphite trying desperately not to move lest the angle on the still life I was drawing should become askew. Despite all that, I'm really glad I did it. I learned a lot and can see changes in my drawing style.

Here's the final project of the summer:

The concept was to take a landscape (a black and white poster, in my case) and then stick something oversized and out of place in it. I chose a sock. Not sure why. Seemed right. Sorry it's so dark. I'm far too lazy to actually turn on lights when I take pictures of these things.

I'll post more drawings later, I have to save some to build suspense.

One last thing: my friends had a baby last night! It's a girl and they named her Karis. They're the first ones from my circle of friends to take the plunge into parenthood and I'm so happy for them. I'm pretty sure they don't read this blog but I'm saying congratulations anyway (I'm screaming it into the internets, maybe they'll get it): CONGRATULATIONS GUYS! I'M AN AVAILABLE BABYSITTER!! WILLING TO SPOIL HER THEN SEND BACK!!

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