Thursday, October 15, 2009

S'not So Bad.

I've spent the last two days floating away on a cloud shaped like Michael Bublé's new album, "Crazy Love". This does not account for the two weeks of silence before this but I thought I would share.

It's cheesy but oh, what a guilty pleasure:

Do you know that feeling when you're sick and all you want to do is sleep and forget the entire world? But just when you lay down, one side of your nose plugs up. Suddenly, you don't even care about sleeping anymore. Your entire existence becomes about getting your stupid nose to drain to the other side because you cannot bear to lay in this position one more minute. You blow your nose, get up and walk around, there may or may not be plugs of tissue shoved up your nose. Finally, you're so exhausted that you finally give up and just start to drift off to sleep when your nose, that Judas of a facial feature, decides to slosh to the other nostril and the whole thing starts over again from scratch?

Well, that's why I didn't blog.

Speaking of blogs, all 12 of you should check out Davina Choy's newish blog, Uber Fantastic. She's a budding writer, blogger, journalist extraordinaire and, I'm proud to say, a personal friend. She makes my blog look like the homely cousin no one talks about except in whispered tones at family gatherings. It's okay, I'm taking one for the team.

ONE LAST THING: this is a dyptic I painted with acrylic. Keep in mind this is the very first painting I have ever produced that didn't mock me from the easel. That is not to say that it's perfect, but I'm very proud of it.

I apologize for the picture quality. Just pretend they match up.

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Anonymous said...

My heart is both warmed by your plug and proud as all get out at your painting. It's amazing! And i'm not just being nice.
It's dark, but also comical and begs all sorts of interesting questions, not least of which is, why is there a branch growing out of his nose? which leads to, what was his lie? was it sordid? i'm loving the blood red background and the overall mood.

Ashley! You're making this mother goose beam with pride! what other tricks do you have up your sleeve?